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Your Privacy Is Our Concern
Congress recently passed the Gramm-Leach-Billey (GLB) Act, which deals in part with
how insurance companies treat nonpublic personal information. Davis Insurance
Agency, LLC. has always been committed to maintaining customer confidentiality. We
appreciate this opportunity to clarify our privacy practices for you as a result of this new

• As part of our insurance business, we obtain certain "nonpublic personal information"
about you, which we will refer to as "information" in this notice. This information
includes: information we receive from you on application or other forms: information
about your transactions with our affiliates; or us and information we receive
from a credit reporting agency.

• We restrict access to the information to authorized individuals who need to know this
information to provide service and products to you.

• We maintain physical electronic and procedural safeguards that protect your

• We do not disclose this information about you or any former customers to anyone,
except as permitted by law.

• Employees do not share this information outside the company unless authorized by
you or for a specific business purpose.

• The law permits us to share this information with our affiliates including insurance
companies and insurance service providers.

• The law also permits us to share this information with companies that perform
marketing services for us, or other financial institutions that have joint marketing
agreements with us.

We may share other types of information with our affiliates, including insurance
companies and insurance service providers. This information may be financial or other
personal information such as employment history and it may not be directly related to our
transaction with you. Consistent with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, our standard
authorizations permit us to share this information with our affiliates.
Davis Insurance Agency LLC. shares your concern about privacy. We do not sell or
otherwise disclose any nonpublic information about our customers or former customers
to anyone, except as permitted by law. Therefore~ you do not need to call, or do
anything as a result of this notice. It is meant to inform you of how we safeguard your
nonpublic information.

We value our relationship with you and strive to earn your continued trust. For questions
concerning our privacy policy, please contact us by writing to: Davis Insurance Agency,
LLC.~ Attn: Privacy Management Dept., 100 Mercer Drive, Lock Haven, PA 17745.

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